ITRAK 365 – Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – What is ITRAK 365? 

ITRAK 365 is an industry solution software based on Power Platform technologies specifically tailored to the needs of organizations in industries where the safety of people and property is paramount.   Industries that involve Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Transportation, Forestry, and others, are regulated to maintain high quality standards with stringent compliance to ensure the safety of field workers. 

ITRAK 365 has capabilities for recording and investigating incidents along with a suite of “pre-packed” safety processes (over 200), including inspections, identifying hazards, centrally recording and tracking corrective actions and, managing and assessing risk.  ITRAK 365 also tracks the skills and competencies of your field workers alongside specific documented procedures.   

#2 – Who is NeoSystems? 

NeoSystems is the company that builds and maintains the ITRAK 365 product line. NeoSystems is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

#3 – What Microsoft technology does ITRAK 365 leverage? 

ITRAK 365 leverages Microsoft technologies across the portfolio including Power Platform, Azure, Cognitive Services, PowerBI and Office 365.   

#4 - What type of opportunities exist within the Microsoft ecosystem for companies that implement ITRAK 365? 

ITRAK 365 provides an additional entry point for Microsoft Cloud centric organizations to leverage the Power Platform for Line-of-Business requirements. For organizations in safety intensive industries that are not using Dynamics or Power Platform, it can provide a highly visiblehighly valuable entry point. 

#5 - Why is technology like ITRAK 365 so important for the Safety industry? 

The Safety Software segment has been growing dramatically as regulators and governments around the world demand higher standards for keeping people safe and managing environmental practices. 

#6 – I’d like to explore a project with ITRAK 365, how do I start? 

ITRAK 365 projects are delivered using our Launch process. The first step is getting access to your Microsoft tenant, where we install ITRAK and kickoff your project. Following that, we can upload some templates for you to try while configuring some to do additional processes that meet your unique requirements.    

#7 – Can ITRAK 365 be configured to my specific needs? 

Yes, ITRAK is highly configurable and our team of QHSE experts can help; you can do it yourself, or you can engage one of our business partners. 

#8 – What support does ITRAK team provide? 

Three levels of support are provided with ITRAK, Basic, Premium and Premium Plus (24x7).    

#9 - Can ITRAK 365 be used for more than Safety?  What about Environmental processes?  What about Field operations? 

Yes, ITRAK 365 is a fully-configurable platform that leverages the power of mobile technology to collect field-level information quickly and easily to initiate processes across the organization.    

#10 – How is ITRAK 365 priced? 

ITRAK 365 is managed service with a monthly fee. Fees are determined based on your choice of platform plans and the number of portal and mobile users.  

#12 – How long does it take to implement ITRAK 365? 

ITRAK project launches can be delivered in as little as a few weeks.  Larger implementation involving multiple departments and more complex processes may take a few months.  

#13 - How can I try ITRAK? 

ITRAK Test Drive is available from the Microsoft AppSource accessible here.   

#14 – Can I use my local Microsoft partner to deliver ITRAK?  

Yes, ITRAK 365 is sold and delivered worldwide through a network of Microsoft partners and co-sell enabled representatives.  

#15 – What is NeoSystems/ITRAK’s relationship with Microsoft? 

NeoSystems is an ISV Connect Premier Partner, having achieved many levels of certification and compliance against Microsoft’s most stringent standards. 

#16 - I work for Microsoft (or a Microsoft Partner), how would I find out more? 

Please contact sales@neosystems.com or fill out the following form. 


If you or your company are interested in receiving leads for ITRAK solutions in your geography, please fill out our contact form. 

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