ITRAK 365 can be implemented within any organization small or large, and through a wide variety of industries across the globe. ITRAK 365 can easily scale to handle the demands of a small team or a team of thousands.

For over a decade, ITRAK 365 has been enabling businesses from various industries to become more proactive with their Safety & Compliance processes. We support an established base of customers worldwide in Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities, Forestry, Transportation and many more.

Below are a few specific examples where various industries have leveraged ITRAK 365.


ITRAK 365 for Oil & Gas


ITRAK 365 for Manufacturing

Facilitates user-friendly incident reporting and hazard identification for oil field operations

Assists in conducting scheduled field inspections in order to meet regulatory requirements

Improves operational efficiencies and reduces downtime by facilitating processes such as well repair requests

Improves communications by enabling first line workers to report valuable field information to management with mobile devices that generate real-time notifications

Assist with the scheduling and reporting of pigging activities for pipeline maintenance

Facilitates regular maintenance activities, aids in machine guarding and extending the lifespan of equipment and machinery

Drives continuous improvement in the manufacturing process by facilitating quality checkpoints and product audits

Facilitates proper operational and training procedures for manufacturing first line workers who operate a variety of equipment including fork lifts, motorized hand trucks and platform lift trucks

Enables manufacturing companies to adhere to OSHA’s safety standards, this includes keeping up to date on regulation changes, and reporting all incidents and close encounters

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ITRAK 365 for Mining


ITRAK 365 for Forestry

Enables mining companies to manage the permitting process for large scale explorations by providing Automated Workflows and Notifications

Provides the tools necessary to ensure compliance with industry regulators and assists in expediting the mine’s operational timelines

Enables tracking of Environmental Hazards that come from open-pit, underground, In situ leach and other forms of mining

Facilitates Environmental Incident Reporting and provides visibility on erosion, water discharge, waste management and environmental contamination

Supports the Worker Competency validation process to ensure that first line workers can safely and efficiently perform the tasks related to their job role

Enables Log & Timber Quality Control to ensure the final product meets grade standards

Facilitates Safety Equipment and Saw Dust Inspections to capture potential hazards and guide corrective actions

Captures data relating to Road Construction Quality to ensure the integrity and usability of roads Facilitates Environmental Incident

Facilitates Environmental Incident Reporting and provides visibility on the terrain stability, water quality and soil and wildlife management

Records outcomes of Worker Competency Assessments to ensure first line workers can safely and efficiently perform the tasks related to their job roles


ITRAK 365 for Utilities


ITRAK 365 for Construction

Assists in maintaining service quality throughout the supply chain

Enables better safety practices and ensures regulatory compliance

Helps to reduce workplace accidents and maintain a positive public perception

Assists with proactively managing electric utility hazards, such as electrocution, falls, confined spaces, fires and explosions

Increases operational effectiveness and minimizes the potential for service disruptions

Enables worksite safety inspectors to assess buildings, electrical wiring, alarms, emergency lighting, scaffolds, and production equipment

Facilitates real time data entry by the first line workers, allowing management to track the completion of safety tasks

Facilitates incident reporting and safety meetings on a streamlined platform and provides real-time insights into audit information

Assists in conducting vehicle inspections for trucks, trailers, ATV’s and other motor vehicles

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