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Microsoft Built Safety Software: Compliance & Reporting Simplified.

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Microsoft built EHS software

Empower your organization with ITRAK 365’s Safety Management Software, a robust solution designed to enhance workplace safety through proactive risk prevention, streamlined incident management, and simplified compliance reporting. Our software facilitates a culture of safety and compliance, leveraging the power of Microsoft's ecosystem to deliver real-time insights and actionable intelligence across all levels of operation.

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Microsoft Integration

A solution that leverages your Microsoft Investments

Elevate your team’s efficiency with seamless integration. ITRAK 365 harmonizes your Safety Management Software with the Microsoft Platform, transforming familiar tools into a powerhouse for workplace safety. Experience the simplicity of single sign-on, engage with an intuitive user interface, and witness heightened solution interaction. With ITRAK 365, embed safety deeply within the Microsoft ecosystem and empower your employees with a smarter, more connected workspace.

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EHS software for your industry



Use a solution with years of experience in the Energy industry. Processes built for Energy companies, made by Energy companies.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Managing confidential information, to streamlining safety processes effectively and quickly through a diverse group of long-term and short-term employees and contractors.



Experience a solution designed with mining companies in mind. Developed by industry experts, ITRAK 365 provides tailored processes and features that meet the unique demands of the mining sector.



ITRAK 365 EHS Software
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By embedding Safety & Operations into your everyday workflows and tools, employees and contractors are able to easily participate in safety.

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