Solutions: ITRAK 365 Platform

Organizations everywhere are challenged to provide processes and tools to maintain safe work environments. ITRAK 365 manages increasingly stringent compliance challenges with a suite of technological tools specifically tailored to the safety industry. Organizations can assemble and configure ITRAK 365 to reflect their specific safety business processes. Those processes are then extended to first line workers using web and mobile technologies.

ITRAK 365 Advantages


ITRAK is a broad, enterprise-wide solution designed to increase efficiency and cost savings.


Easily scales up or down to match your organizations needs. Start small and build over time.

Powerful Workflows

ITRAK can be configured with custom workflows to reflect your organizations specific needs.

Dashboards & Reporting

All ITRAK data is available using reporting and analytics tools to enable indepth insight, track trends to insure safety is managed.

Microsoft Integration

ITRAK is deeply embedded in Microsoft Technologies and tools giving organization a natural extension of existing investments

Ease of use

ITRAK's simple and intuitive interface insures maximum productivity for your organizations field workers.

Find out how ITRAK 365 empowers you to gain visibility, control risk and improve performance across your organization.

QHSE Components


    It goes without saying; the goal for any HSE program is to prevent accidents from occurring and to keep your employees safe! As many safety professionals can attest an incident can be time-consuming and expensive. Just imagine if there was an electronic form on a first line workers device that would allow them to take photos and witness statements in real-time. Better yet that reported incident triggers a pre-determined series of events, tasks and alerts enabling companies to close the loop on incidences in the workplace.

    ITRAK 365 is a collection of rich components supported by technology that dives deep into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 world, allowing for total customization of any HSE business process. ITRAK 365 empowers your key stakeholders to monitor the health of your business in the field and make insightful data-backed decisions.

    Examples include but are not limited to:

      • Inspection Component
      • Inspections & Audits
      • Risk Components
      • Location Components

      • Corrective Actions
      • Safety Meetings
      • Equipment Component
      • Signature/Pin Component

      Find out more about ITRAK's Professional Implementation, Training and Support services.

      How ITRAK 365 handles custom workflows

      ITRAK is the most configurable QHSE solution allowing you to tailor workflows to your custom business processes. Customized stauses and notifications keep any key stakeholder abreast of what’s happening in the field in real-time.

      • Alerts to and individual or team
      • Complete timestamped audit trail
      • Signoff on procedure and Management of Change


      Dashboard & Reporting

      A Safety & Compliance solution is only as good as its ability to report on the information it compiles. ITRAK 365 has a variety of reporting options that are grouped into three kinds of reporting; enabling in-depth insight, proactive changes to trends, and deep analytical information critical to maintaining efficiency and safety.

        Lagging Indicators:

        • Injury frequency and severity.
        • Motor vehicle event frequency and severity.
        • Lost time injuries (LTI) and modified work cases.
        • Citation and fines.
        • Fiscal cost of incidents and loss of production.

        Classic Metrics:

        • TRIF

          Leading Indicators:

          • Incident forecasting by analyzing trends.
          • Safety leadership participation.
          • Supervision accountability.
          • Top 10 Hazard and risk areas.
          • Life saving rules and focus audit performance.
          • Employee safety perception surveys.
          • Safety observation tracking and trending.

          ISO Compliance & Industry Standards

          ITRAK 365 has been designed with International standards in mind as they are the golden/highest standard. The workflow process allows to schedule and notify responsible parties for inspections, action items and corrective actions. This acts as internal responsibility system (IRS), meeting your due diligence general duty clause of compliance. All of which are all essential when it comes to providing tools to support for certifications (Certificate of Recognition, COR) and pre-qualifications for projects, and compliance with regulatory bodies.

          • Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000-10).
          • Guidelines for auditing management systems (ISO 19011:12).
          • Hazard Identification and elimination and risk assessment and control.

          For over a decade, ITRAK 365 has been a comprehensive solution providing clients with the ability to achieve and maintain compliance with management standards in three main areas of Health and Safety Management Systems: Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO 45001), Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:16), and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000) utilizing standards.


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