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Introducing ITRAK 365 Essentials, the basic version of ITRAK 365’s Health and Safety software that will revolutionize the way your organization manages EHS processes. Our out-of-the-box essentials package is designed to give companies, of all sizes, an affordable and risk free way to taste the power of ITRAK 365 and begin their digital transformation. Keep reading to learn more!

Included EHS Processes

First aid support accident at work of construction worker at site. Builder accident falls scaffolding on floor, Safety team helps employee accident.

Incident/Near Miss

Mature male loss adjuster wearing hi-vis safety vest standing in compound for damaged cars taking photo for insurance claim report on digital tablet

Vehicle Inspection

Safety Officer checking machine giant motor Modern Industrial food freeze Manufacturing Factory. Large Industry Caucasian white wearing safety vest take note maintenance of machines in the factory.

Facility Inspection

Diverse Team of Specialists Use Tablet Computer on Construction Site. Real Estate Building Project with Civil Engineer, Architect, Business Investor and Surveyor with Theodolite Discussing Plans.

Safety Meetings

boss and worker checking results on the tablet

Hazard ID/ Safety Observation

Portrait of Male and Female Industrial Engineers in Hard Hats Discuss New Project while Using Laptop. They Wear Safety Jackets.They Work at the Heavy Industry Manufacturing Factory.

Field Level Hazard Assessment

Streamline reporting with our Incident Management solution that features flash reports, investigations, dashboards, notifications, and corrective actions. Track and mitigate risk of injury, drops, equipment/ vehicle damage and environmental spills.

Perform your vehicle inspections with ease using our digitized solution. Upload pictures and utilize user friendly checklists to help you maintain a safe, efficient, and effective fleet of vehicles for your business.

Stay ahead with our facility inspections by identifying areas that could become a problem to reduce costs, damages, potential harm and to maintain compliance.

Capture your safety meetings with our ready-to-use Essentials template. Our solution will help you identify the daily risks and easily record attendance, documentation and actions.

Conduct Hazard IDs, or Safety Observations with ease using ITRAK 365 Essentials. Quickly and thoroughly identify hazards and safety behaviors with our digital forms.

Before work begins or when conditions change. ITRAK 365 Essentials provides you the tools to Identify, control and mitigate unexpected hazards in the field.

What to expect with ITRAK 365 Essentials?

Risk Free Implementation

ITRAK 365 Essentials helps remove the barriers of organizations digitizing their health and safety processes. ITRAK 365 will host the Essentials environment; giving you quick access to pre-made processes, allowing you to test out the solution with your real-data right away. Additionally, it removes the pressure on internal IT teams to install and setup a health and safety solution. Try ITRAK 365 without the risk!

Quick & Easy Launch

Take advantage of a health and safety solution that allows you to collect, track and analyze your real-data right away with our quick and easy launch process. Begin your digital journey with our turn key ITRAK 365 Essentials solution now!

Highly Accessible

Access ITRAK 365 where and when you want! Whether you use desktop or mobile device;  Windows, iOS or Android; online or offline, ITRAK 365 has you covered!

Reporting Dashboards

Enjoy our Out-of-the-Box Power BI dashboards for valuable insights giving you the ability to make quick decision. Be fully equipped with our pre-built dashboards covering Incidents Stats, Safety Participation, Action Registry, Inspection Compliance and more!

End-to-End Testing

See the data journey first hand with ITRAK 365 Essentials; test out the processes with your real data! Watch as you enter a form through ITRAK 365's mobile app, review through our ITRAK 365 Portal and make decisions based off of Power BI Insights!

Corrective Actions

Embedded in each process is the ability to create, track and complete actions to quickly improve safety and reduce downtime. Stay on top of completion dates and empower your team with the tools for success!

Targeted Notifications

Stay informed and receive communications when necessary. Be confident that the right people are being notified at the right time.

ITRAK 365 EHS Software
Employee Adoption Rate

Improve Safety Participation

MS apps

By embedding Safety into your everyday workflows and tools, employees and contractors are able to easily participate in safety.

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