ITRAK 365 for the Mining industry

ITRAK 365 is the most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the mining industry

  • Provides the tools necessary to ensure compliance with industry regulators and assists in expediting the mine operational timelines

  • Enables mining companies to manage the permitting process for large scale explorations by providing Automated Workflows and Notifications

  • Enables tracking of Environmental Hazards that come from open-pit, underground, In situ leach and other forms of mining

  • Facilitates Environmental Incident Reporting and provides visibility on erosion, water discharge, waste management and environmental contamination

      ITRAK 365 Capabilities for Mining

      ITRAK's 365 tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure, allows mining companies to leverage the power and scalability that comes with the Microsoft stack like no other software can. Our solution allows companies of any size, to customize the software to their ever-changing workflows, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to operational risks. ITRAK 365 comes with a suite of  components and customizable workflows to pro-actively manage  processes such as; tracking environmental hazards, vehicle & equipment inspections, incident reporting, employee competency, and much more.


      ITRAK 365 is the leading QHSE solution built with the rich functionality your business needs. Here are just a few of the  capabilities that ITRAK 365 can bring to your mining business.

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      ITRAK 365 Benefits for the Mining Industry

      Mining companies that invest in ITRAK 365, not only mitigate operational safety risks, but also see benefits in the following areas as earlier as the first year of implementation:

      More streamlined QHSE processes resulting in higher productivity

      Improve tracking of QHSE risks resulting in higher employee accountability

      Reduction in workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities resulting in increased job satisfaction

      More successful safety audits resulting in a reduction in penalties and legal action

      Improved reputation among investors, customers and communities

      A more robust health and safety culture

      3 Reasons why ITRAK 365 is the Leading Safety Software for the Mining Industry

      While the mining industry is an integral part of the global economy, it is often thought of as one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. Despite its high lost-time injury rate and numerous large scale disasters, the mining industry has made great strides to improve health and safety over the last few decades. Mining companies undertake precise planning and sequencing to ensure safety in all facets of their operations, particularly when they involve significant hazards including powerful machinery, darkened tunnels, combustible materials, and potential structural collapses. Occupational illnesses, noise, vibrations, and worker fatigue are also significant health concerns. Although the current state of health and safety in mining is a far cry from its early years, injuries and fatalities involving hauling vehicles and machinery are still common, as well as occupational illnesses from airborne dust.

      Like so many other industries, the mining sector is challenged to keep up with the complex and ever changing regulatory landscape, and many companies are scrambling to implement new EHS technology that will help drive performance in metrics such as injuries, fatalities, and lost-time injury rates. Advancements in EHS technology have helped mining
      companies become better positioned to streamline operations, reduce costs, and overcome unique safety challenges and hazards.

      Leading EHS solutions such as ITRAK 365 provide a rich and configurable platform which can be tailored to address the mining industry’s specific safety challenges, while providing the tools to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices.
      Here are three reasons why ITRAK 365 is the leading safety solution for the Mining industry.

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