ITRAK 365 for Municipalities

Tailored Platform for Modern Municipal Management in Environment, Health, Safety and Operations

Why Municipalities Choose ITRAK 365

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Leveraging Microsoft Investment: Optimize your municipality’s Microsoft investment with ITRAK 365. Our solutions seamlessly integrate and amplify the capabilities of Microsoft’s suite, allowing municipalities to derive greater value and efficiencies from their existing technology stack. Learn more!

Efficiency: Harness the power of automation to streamline manual processes, saving valuable municipal resources and significantly reducing potential errors.

Complex Reporting Needs: Municipalities often grapple with intricate reporting requirements, from permissions to multi-tiered data sets. ITRAK 365, with its integration of Power BI and Microsoft's robust backend, delivers dynamic, actionable reports, ensuring tailored access to vital data for the right stakeholders.

Compliance: Navigate the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory standards with confidence. Our built-in tracking and reporting tools ensure municipalities not only meet but exceed compliance benchmarks.

Integration: Because ITRAK 365 is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, it naturally inherits its 1000+ connectors. This foundation provides municipalities with built-in integrations, streamlining connections to a multitude of systems without the hassle of maintenance or creating new connectors. Experience integration as it should be: seamless and efficient.

Adaptable: We know that municipalities have a lot of different business lines with different needs acoss their organization. Whether its a department in Parks, Waste Management, Transportation, Public Works etc. ITRAK 365 can adapt to your municpalities needs.

ITRAK 365 Key Features for Municipalities

Scalability in Workforce Management

Address the dynamic staffing needs of municipalities by efficiently onboarding and offboarding regular and seasonal workers. ITRAK 365 allows for seamless adaptation to workforce demands, facilitating smooth transitions and operational continuity during peak and off-peak periods.

Quick & Easy Launch

Take advantage of a health and safety solution that allows you to collect, track and analyze your real-data right away with our quick and easy launch process. Begin your digital journey with our experienced implementation team.

Highly Accessible

Access ITRAK 365 where and when you want! Whether you use desktop or mobile device;  Windows, iOS or Android; online or offline, ITRAK 365 has you covered!

Reporting Dashboards

Drive municipal excellence through actionable insights derived from dynamic reporting capabilities. ITRAK 365, integrated with Power BI and Microsoft's robust backend, transforms complex data into intuitive and actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making and effective strategic planning. Be fully equipped with our pre-built dashboards covering Incidents Stats, Safety Participation, Action Registry, Inspection Compliance and more!

Municipal Workflow Automation

Leverage Microsoft's Power Automate within ITRAK 365 to simplify and automate intricate municipal tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. Including targeted notifications and process scheduling.

Corrective Actions

Embedded in each process is the ability to create, track and complete actions to quickly improve safety and reduce downtime. Stay on top of completion dates and empower your team with the tools for success!

Common ITRAK 365 Processes for Municipalities

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EHS (Environment, Health, & Safety) Processes: Safeguard the welfare of citizens and personnel and ensure environmental protection with ITRAK 365’s comprehensive EHS management tools. Cultivate a proactive and prepared municipality with specialized processes designed to meet diverse EHS requirements.

Disability Management: Streamline the management and tracking of disability claims with solutions that ensure timely support and compliance. ITRAK 365 offers specialized solutions to address complex disability scenarios with efficiency and confidentiality. Learn More!

Contractor Management: Optimize the onboarding, tracking, and management of contractors with ITRAK 365’s robust contractor management features, ensuring streamlined operations and adherence to all relevant regulations. Learn More!

Asset Management: Empower municipalities with the ability to effectively organize, track, and manage assets, optimizing utilization and maintaining long-term value with tailor-made tools.

Take the first step toward revolutionizing employee health and safety in your municipality. Together, let's bring the high levels of health and safety seen in leading industries to your municipality for a safer future. Get started by filling out the Discovery Form below!

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