Manage occupational and non-occupational cases using ITRAK 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

Disability Case Management Software

Collect, review and update data related to an occupational or non-occupational incident. Using Dynamics 365 Case Management infrastructure, we are able to provide ITRAK 365 users a way to track, report and submit accurate information that is entered into the system by a case manager or the employee involved.
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Microsoft D365 Case Managment

ITRAK 365 takes full advantage of their partnership with Microsoft by leveraging new tools and innovations. ITRAK 365 Disability Management utilizes Microsoft's D365 Case Management tool to allow ITRAK 365 customers an easy and efficient way to manage occupational & non-occupational cases. 

Features & Benefits

People-First Approach

  • Employee centric with an intuitive interface that allows you to focus on the employee, not the process.
  • Cases are easily searchable allowing you to retrieve and re-open closed cases quickly.
  • Track reoccurring claims and associate them with previously opened, active or closed claims

Manage WCB Claims

  • Ability to track WCB claim and update claim status along side but distinct from the details of the case
  • Ability to share WCB reports with authorized users and groups
  • Ability for specified groups to see status of WCB claims without gaining access to confidential case details and documents

Managing Confidentiality

  • Access to the case management solution is limited through Dynamics 365 security making it so only authorized personnel can gain access to the solution and its contents
  • Access may be further limited by marking cases as confidential within the Case Management department

Managing Case Load

  • Cases may be assigned to specific case managers and supervisors can reassign cases as needed to balance work across available resources
  • Case queues are used to distribute cases across the roster of available case managers to minimize wait times while ensuring the right level of expertise is assigned to each case as required

Single Source of Truth

  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics Dataverse or can be linked to organization’s HR database
  • Simple, intuitive search functions ensure you attach to the correct case
  • Provides a central place to store and access all employee information including case information


  • Many aspects of case management are date-driven. A workflow is activated to drive notifications and create tasks as key dates are entered, in combination with employee or case status information. Absences, eligibility periods and elimination periods are illustrated using timers for quick reference
  • Case managers are readily reminded of upcoming due dates or windows of opportunity
  • Customer service is enhanced as all case management options remain visible and available for consideration

Frequently Asked Questions

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