ITRAK 365 for the Construction Industry

ITRAK 365 is the most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the Construction industry

  • Enables worksite safety inspectors to assess buildings, electrical wiring, alarms, emergency lighting, scaffolds, and production equipment

  • Facilitates incident reporting and safety meetings on a streamlined platform and provides real-time insights into audit information

  • Facilitates real time data entry by the field workforce, allowing management to track the completion of safety tasks

  • Assists in conducting vehicle inspections for trucks, trailers, ATV’s and other motor vehicles

      ITRAK 365 Capabilities for Construction

      ITRAK's 365 tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure, allows construction companies to leverage the power and scalability that comes with the Microsoft stack like no other software can. Our solution allows  companies of any size, to customize the software to their ever-changing workflows, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to operational risks. ITRAK 365 comes with a suite of  components and customizable workflows to pro-actively manage  processes such as; completing  inspections, risk assessments, safety meetings, employee records and certifications and much more.


      ITRAK 365 is the leading QHSE solution built with the rich functionality your business needs. Here are just a few of the capabilities ITRAK 365 can bring to your construction business.

      Construction Clients


      Featured Client

      Quinn is a civil and structural construction company, with over 2,000 employees. Over the past 45 years, Quinn has earned a reputation as one of the most safety-focused companies in the business.

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      ITRAK 365 Benefits for the Construction Industry

      Construction companies that invest in ITRAK 365, not only mitigate operational safety risks, but also see benefits in the following areas as earlier as the first year of implementation:

      More streamlined QHSE processes resulting in higher productivity

      Improve tracking of QHSE risks resulting in higher employee accountability

      Reduction in workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities resulting in increased job satisfaction

      More successful safety audits resulting in a reduction in penalties and legal action

      Improved reputation among investors, customers and communities

      A more robust health and safety culture

      The Growing Necessity for Health & Safety Technology in the Construction Industry

      The construction industry remains an essential part of the global economy, providing crucial infrastructure, including roads, schools, and industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Over the years, cutting-edge tools and technologies, such as telematics, have assisted the industry in reducing downtime and becoming more precise, productive, and efficient. However, most health and safety professionals in the construction industry have recognized the need to embrace innovative EHS technologies to transform and enhance their safety and compliance practices.

      EHS professionals in construction know all too well the risks workers face each day. By virtue of the arduous, physically demanding nature of the work, combined with the use of heavy equipment, tools, and machinery, it comes as no surprise that construction is ranked as one of the world’s most dangerous industries to work in.
      With increasingly stringent health and safety standards and harsher fines and penalties for non-compliance, it is no longer enough to just follow procedures. It is becoming more and more difficult for EHS professionals to ensure that their organization complies with its health and safety obligations under the law. Safety professionals are currently tasked with doing more with the same resources, and there is a growing demand for EHS technologies like NeoSystems’ ITRAK 365 that help companies in the construction industry report, control, and eliminate safety hazards.

      Here, we’ll take a look at some specific areas that EHS technology can support construction companies in managing safety and compliance across worksites.

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