ITRAK 365 for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

ITRAK 365 is the most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for Transportation and Logistics

  • Enables better safety practices around the aircraft engine and the cargo hold and assists in performing risk assessment associated with poor weather conditions and noise

  • Enables risk assessments to be completed to ensure container ships are equipped with suitable platforms and are loads adequately secured and safely lifted by crane

  • Assists in truck and other motorized vehicle inspections

  • Assists in the evaluation of contractor and employee competency, certifications and qualifications

ITRAK 365 Capabilities for Transportation & Logistics

ITRAK's 365 tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure, allows transportation companies to leverage the power and scalability that comes with the Microsoft stack like no other software can. Our solution allows transportation companies of any size to customize the software to their ever-changing workflows, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to operational risks. ITRAK 365 comes with a suite of  components and customizable workflows to pro-actively manage  safety process such as; vehicle inspections, risk assessments, ISO compliance, contractor management, safety meetings and much more.


ITRAK 365 is the leading QHSE solution built with the rich functionality your business needs. Here are just a few of the capabilities ITRAK 365 can bring to your transportation and logistics business.

Transportation & Logistics Clients


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The Vancouver International Airport is a world class sustainable airport hub with apprx. 90,000 people travelling through the airport everyday.

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ITRAK 365 Benefits for Transportation & Logistics companies

Transportation and logistics companies that invest in ITRAK 365, not only mitigate operational safety risks, but also see benefits in the following areas as earlier as the first year of implementation:

More streamlined QHSE processes resulting in higher productivity

Improve tracking of QHSE risks resulting in higher employee accountability

Reduction in workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities resulting in increased job satisfaction

More successful safety audits resulting in a reduction in penalties and legal action

Improved reputation among investors, customers and communities

A more robust health and safety culture

3 Indicators Digitization is Transforming the Global Transportation Industry

The transportation and logistics industry is a vital part of international trade, involving a complex series of logistical activities and transportation systems, including rail, air, maritime, and road. The rise of digital technology is having a profound impact on the transportation and logistics industry, changing many aspects of how these companies operate.

Historically, the transportation and logistics industry has been behind the curve when it comes to using digital technologies to enhance safety and efficiency. Due to the general stability of the industry, there had previously been little need to innovate or invest in new digital technologies. However, the influx of new and innovative market entrants, such as Uber Freight, Google Express, Amazon’s same-day shipping and drone package delivery testing, and the emergence of self-driving trucks are examples of disruptions putting pressure on the industry to increase the efficiency and safety performance of its operations, whether transporting by air, rail, truck, or shipping.
Companies are seeking faster and better ways to get goods into consumer hands. In recent years, transportation and
logistics companies have started to embrace digitization in an effort to increase the bottom line, improve health and safety, and make faster and more precise data-driven decisions than their competitors.

Here are three reasons why we see the digital transformation of transportation and logistics picking up momentum:

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