Cemex Launches Innovative QHSE Training Program

Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, has launched their innovative QHSE training initiative called the Health and Safety Academy, with the goal of fostering a more robust safety culture emphasising leadership, awareness, education, and a commitment to excellence.
The industry-leading 18-month education program consists of three modules, held at different locations across the US. Taught by professionals in operations and safety management, the lessons allow the groups of 20-25 participants to learn and improve on health and safety strategies and skills. The program will be a great source of health and safety education and an ideal place to share ideas and learn from health and safety professionals. By talking, listening, and co-operating with each other, participants in the program can jointly identify problems and solutions and develop a proactive safety culture. Those in attendance walk away with new insight into effective health and safety practices, and with practical strategies to implement and improve QHSE processes.
The first module, called Foundation, focuses on developing safety leadership skills, and creating strategies specifically tailored to the type of work. The second and third modules focus on creating a health and safety management system and proficiency, respectively.
With interactive sessions, participants are able to continuously develop and improve on their leadership skills, as well as keep up with modern health and safety practices. One key message in this program is proactive leadership regarding health and safety, stressing that health and safety are key and essential to successful and efficient business operations. Other key principles include worker participation in finding solutions and developing a systematic approach to find and fix hazards. These principles are built around setting up effective QHSE processes, to ensure the health and safety of workers.
Companies like Cemex are engaging employees by involving them in improving health and safety practices. By establishing The Health and Safety Academy, Cemex encourages employees to think about the role they play in maintaining health and safety, and to discuss steps they can take to improve safety practices. For work to be carried out safely and efficiently, it is important that workers understand their individual roles in creating a safe worksite. The program will also engage leadership in better understanding their roles as leaders and in giving them further detail on how health and safety can be incorporated into their everyday activities.
Given our focus on the world of safety and compliance, it’s great to see a company as large as Cemex take QHSE programs so seriously. A program of this size will help drive improvement in health and safety culture, and developing health and safety leadership skills and strategies to make their organizations safer, more efficient, and more productive. Increased education and awareness of best safety practices will have a profound and lasting impact on the world of safety.