Day One ASSE


Walking the show floorthis year, I was impressed to see so many great stand-alone HSE management systems. The HSE space has grown considerably in recent years, as companies around the world have realized the many benefits of incorporating an HSE solution into their processes.

Even more impressive were the latest innovations and how much technology has advanced over the past few years, a refreshing change in a once stagnant industry. It’s exciting to speak to like minded individuals and companies like my own, who are also passionate about HSE.
While the number of stand-alone HSE solutions is impressive, I have yet to come across a company that offers the same mobile-first and Microsoft integrated solution like my company’s HSE solution ITRAK. In the case of ITRAK we are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, which provides significant additional value through an integrated approach.
Integrated solutions allow a quick and easy setup, and work well in the flows and processes that most companies are used to within Microsoft Dynamics. The most effective HSE solutions leverage the power and mobility of Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM, and Microsoft Azure, and as such, can easily be implemented on top of an organization’s existing Microsoft infrastructure. Microsoft Cloud based HSE management solutions allow quicker, easier, and cost-effective setup and implementation processes for organizations with existing Microsoft infrastructure.
The major benefits of Microsoft integration are as follows:
– Process efficiency across the organization: Access to clean and accurate data and efficient form based processes allow organizations to integrate industry leading safety practices into all facets of their operations.
– IT time and cost savings: Integrated HSE solutions will stay up to date with Microsoft Dynamics, saving significant time spent on updating, installing, and maintaining systems. Standalone systems may not always stay up to date, and may require regular and inefficient maintenance and updates.
Being a certified Microsoft Partner, we are dedicated experts when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a Microsoft ISV we have invested extensively into Microsoft technologies with nearly 200 entities at the base of our ITRAK HSE software. The result is software that utilizes all the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to become the most comprehensive safety solution for Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud.
The first day of ASSE has been a real eye opener to the technology, innovation, and forward thinking seen on tap. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report on the show.