Safetech Synergy 2020: A Rallying Cry for HSE Professionals Worldwide

(Trevor Nimegeers – June 12/2020) – Two weeks ago, we held our 3rd Annual Safetech Synergy ITRAK 365 Conference over 2 days with 162 registered attendees.  We are thrilled! This is 3x the number of companies we’ve had participate before and this year with the virtual format we hope to reach everyone with our messages about:


 I started the keynote presentation (1hr 55 min) exploring the cataclysmic changes in industry sectors such as travel, retail and commercial real estate, energy, government and soon-to-be higher-education. We explored the impact this has on the HSE industry and the massive growth of new HSE “customers” who are rapidly training the appreciation for the world of PPE, inspections, risk reporting and action registries.  COVID-19 has changed HSE from a focus on typically hazardous industries to office, retail and of course our 1st responders in healthcare (thank you to them for all they are doing!).

Where is the most corporate risk pre-Covid and Post-Covid?

We explored the role of the HSE Industry and the need to respond with flexibility, speed, building for scale with larger audiences, and engaging our community of industry experts in sharing best practices. No one knows how this is going to play out and we must adapt quickly with solutions for our entire stakeholder base of employees, contractors and customers and quickly learn from others.

We talk about the Rally Cry to HSE professionals worldwide to bring their experience and expertise to a massive community of people that only a few months ago had never heard of PPE.

COVID-19 is the RALLYING CRY for HSE professionals, it’s the opportunity to take what was learned from hazardous industries and demonstrate how it applies to all workers” Trevor Nimegeers, Managing Director ITRAK 365

We then heard from Microsoft industry specialists and the ITRAK 365 team about how technology innovation was rewriting the rules for HSE. Using technology platforms and innovation from Microsoft’s massive product investments allows you to achieve more, faster, and ensures your entire HSE system is “plugged in” centrally to the rest of your business systems.

We talked about our recent innovations including ITRAK 365 using Augmented Reality HoloLens from last year’s conference and demoed live examples (31 minutes) of technology for automating the process of loading paper forms quickly and accurately using Artificial Intelligence tools.

 We agree with Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO when he says, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.” The world is changing and its changing fast.

Then we shared the worst kept secret of our conference — ITRAK 365 integrated directly into the most popular business collaboration platform on the planet: Microsoft Teams. Click here for full demo (26 minutes). You saw how we used modern authentication to ensure your data is securely protected with to the highest standards while sharing data within your organization using rich reporting and data query tools in Power BI.

 ITRAK 365 announced complete integration within Microsoft Teams!

We’re big believers in sharing our knowledge and our HSE customers have been generous with giving their time to current causes like safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Returning to Work challenges, and more.

See the ITRAK 365 Community Announcement and how you can apply to use these COVID-19 best practices for ** FREE ** !

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 Enterprise Contact Tracing with ITRAK 365:

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The keynote wrapped-up with a wonderful one-hour customer roundtable discussion including the following industry leaders:

 A HUGE THANK YOU to all our customers, partners and supporters for what we’ve been able to accomplish with you over the last 5 years – we are grateful and humbled by your commitment and support! 

Enjoy the content and see you next year (or sooner)!

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