How ITRAK 365 Navigates the Technology jungle with help of Microsoft.

(Tom Makarov – July 10, 2020)

Technology is an everyday part of our daily lives, whether personal or business. It’s in everything. It permeates the way we do business, how we communicate with the world, how we develop the next generation of tools, and how we focus on what’s important.

Think about how many applications that you use daily just for work? 10? 20? 30 or more? It depends on what you do and how many tasks that need doing. I call that software sum the Software Ecosystem or Systems Ecosphere; the tangled web of products that are strung together to achieve all the business needs of your operation. We all know that these systems don’t always communicate well because they weren’t designed to do so in the first place. There is even an entire industry of dedicated programmers using various arrays of code, middleware, prefabricated connectors, export/import tools, and more to make it all work.

And because of this ever-present jumble it’s comparatively nice to see a vast toolset designed to work in harmony to achieve a huge number of tasks in the business lifecycle.

We at ITRAK 365 are big on our Microsoft partnership. We rely on it to bring our QHSE (that’s Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental) solutions to the world! Without it, we couldn’t make it work for so many different regions, industries, niches, and processes. On the surface, a Hazard Analysis form has nothing to do with Augmented Reality, but through our depth of product it certainly can. So, let’s talk about some of these core and creative examples.

Microsoft Azure. The cloud-hosting solution from Microsoft allows us to host clients anywhere in the world, scale resources as the business grows, provide amazing uptime reliability, and ties us into hundreds of interconnected Azure services.

Microsoft Active Directory. Connect your users seamlessly into the app with your pre-existing AD credentials. Increase security further with MFA/2FA.

Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the Dynamics platform and its Common Data Services (CDS) we’re able to store vast amounts of data in a consistent and reliable fashion and make it available beyond ITRAK 365 itself.

Microsoft Power Automate. The building of process flows is the glue that binds many disparate processes together and without them you’d be relying on far too much manual work to make everything work smoothly. Workflows, automation, and scripting frees up valuable time and resources and lets you focus on more important and valuable business tasks. And why reinvent the wheel? Use the multitude of available temples and connectors to speed things along.

Microsoft Power Apps. Think coding is too hard or custom development is out of reach? It doesn’t have to be. Build custom apps and add-ons with low-code or no-code technology. The ITRAK 365 team can enhance and extend your vision of what your processes can truly achieve. Move beyond just the basics and into a more refined and sophisticated solution.

Microsoft Office365. Connect to your ubiquitous suite of Office products through Teams. Create, share, collaborate, revise, and publish with ease.

Microsoft SharePoint. If documentation management is at the top of your priority list, you already know the value of SharePoint. Bring in that vast document library into your QHSE space like never before.

Microsoft HoloLens. If you’re an early technology adopter then you’ve probably already dabbled in AI or AR. With HoloLens and our Health & Safety expertise we can combine the best aspects of both into a teaching and training solution, an inspection solution, an auditing solution, and certainly much more.

Microsoft Teams. Communication is at the core of business. It’s hard to do effective work without maximum access to your documents, co-workers, customers, vendors, partners, and prospects. The ITRAK 365 integration with Teams adds another layer of efficiency to an already robust toolset.

Microsoft Power BI. As an industry leading BI tool, we rely on it heavily to bring the best reporting, dashboarding, and query capabilities to our customers. With strong visual elements, a powerful customization engine, and the ability to interconnect data, Power BI is essential intelligence in a box.

And this is just a small portion of the total capabilities! We’re always looking to pioneer new innovations in the space, such as combining handwriting recognition AI with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to allow customers to scan old forms and combine that data together in Power BI for historical reporting, trends analysis, data mining, costing evaluation, and more.

The ITRAK 365 team is very proud to be a champion of Microsoft technology as we look to the future and see many exciting opportunities to develop our product even further to meet the needs of all customers.

Tom Makarov

Customer Success Manager