PRESS RELEASE: “Name Change: NeoSystems is now ITRAK 365!”

CALGARY, May 27, 2020 – It’s been floating around for about a month or so now, but it was finally officially announced today at the Opening Keynote of our SAFETECH Synergy ITRAK Conference 2020, that we are retiring the use of NeoSystems Inc. as our corporate name in favour of using ITRAK 365.

So we’re now ITRAK 365 in both company and product name!

Many of our existing customers are already very comfortable and familiar with the ITRAK name, so there is no point reinventing the wheel and it will certainly be easier to remember for all of our future prospects as well. We see a bright future for the ITRAK 365 family of products:

  • ITRAK 365 (Mobile & Portal)
  • ITRAK Kiosk App
  • ITRAK Training App
  • ITRAK Integration with MS Teams
  • ITRAK Integration with MS HoloLens
  • ITRAK Document Scanner
  • and others…

It might be a new name but with the same great team! All of our old emails, website URLs, SharePoint document locations, etc. will still continue to function correctly so there is nothing to worry about and nothing to change (update our emails to if you like).

We look forward to doing more great work together.


The ITRAK 365 Team

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