Customer & Partner Sessions

Highlighting our partners and customers at the 2020 SAFETECH SYNERGY – ITRAK Conference.


10am MST
Opening Keynote & State of the Nation

Includes the 11am Customer Roundtable
– Secure Energy
– Scouts Canada
– ATTAbotics
– Kelt Exploration
– Verified Beef
– Alberta Newsprint Corp

1:00pm MST (Track 2)
ITRAK 365 Solutions for Covid-19

Includes our partnership with Microsoft Canada for the Community Edition version.

1:45pm MST (Track 2)
You’re a Microsoft seller or SI Partner interested in ITRAK, how do we co-sell together?

2:30pm MST (Track 2)
HSE Expert Exchange


11:15am MST (Track 2)
Secure Energy: Implementing Competency

1:45pm MST (Track 2)
Partner Connection: Chemscape and ITRAK 365 – SDS and Safety

2:30pm MST (Track 1)
Case Study: Associations using E-Auding and Remote

Includes VBP+ (Verified Beef Production Plus)

2:30pm MST (Track 2)
EnviroNZ: Moving their Driver Training program to ITRAK

4:00pm MST (Track 1)
Conference Close

Includes our Thank You’s and Awards for ITRAK HEROES!