Partnership Aims to Improve QHSE in the Canadian Trucking Industry

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety are partnering to enhance QHSE practices in the trucking industry. The overall goal of the partnership is to reduce and prevent injury and fatality rates, which continue to be an issue in the trucking industry, despite efforts to heighten health and safety.
The memorandum of understandingsigned by both organizations signals their commitment to enhancing safety culture and improving safety practices in the trucking industry. They believe that working together, they will develop safety culture and implement proper training programs and safety solutions to improve the safety of workers and continuously evolve and improve upon safety processes. They plan to develop customized training programs and e-learning programs, implement QHSE management software to leverage insight into statistics and safety data, and redesign health plan/policy development and certification programs to promote a strong safety culture and best practices.
This partnership speaks to the trucking industry’s commitment to improving health and safety, and is definitely a step in the right direction, reinforcing the idea that organizations must strive to make safety their top priority. With QHSE software solutions and incident management software such as iTrak, trucking companies can automate QHSE/EHS processes and create a continuously improving generative, transparent, and communicative safety culture, in which employees are engaged and encouraged to incident report and be proactive in their approach to safety.
As health and safety culture becomes increasingly centered around accountability and sustaining injury-free workplaces, taking a proactive approach to training programs, safety awareness, and implementing safety programs that meet and exceed compliance has become essential, as opposed to taking a reactive approach. The positive reception we have had around iTrak QHSE software has followed these same core values, and as workplace safety regulations become increasingly strict, it has become critical that organizations look to follow this example, and use some form of health and safety software to manage their QHSE processes.
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is ensuring transparency when sharing safety data across worksites, and from frontline workers to upper management. With the use of mobile safety solutions such as iTrak, organizations can deploy QHSE/EHS software across their workforce, making digitized data more accessible, shareable, and actionable, while making the whole process more transparent. In the future, as we see technology continue to redefine safety processes, all organizations will have to incorporate new technologies into their health and safety processes. Using QHSE software and safety solutions will ensure that all safety processes are running efficiently and effectively, and critical metrics for safety information are being communicated throughout organizations.

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