Alberta Health & Safety Conference – Improving Safety in the Workplace

The annual Alberta Health and Safety Conference kicked off yesterday, with more than 450 health and safety industry leaders in attendance, sharing their thoughts on health and safety related topics. Held at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, the conference is a great source of health and safety education and an ideal place to share ideas and learn from health and safety professionals. With this year’s theme being “Recognizing Greatness”, the conference is hosting more than 30 educational sessions and a trade show with 100 manufacturers of QHSE related products.
A non-profit association, the Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta’s goal is to promote the importance of health and safety by hosting this conference annually. By talking, listening, and co-operating with each other, organizations can jointly identify problems and solutions and develop proactive safety cultures that put safety first, reduce incidents and injuries, meet compliance, and increase overall productivity, efficiency, and quality. Those in attendance walk away with new insight into effective health and safety practices, and with practical strategies to implement and improve their organization’s QHSE processes.
Given our focus on the world of safety and compliance, it’s great to see a conference of this size, where industry professionals are encouraged to share and learn strategies to make their organizations safer, more efficient, and more productive. Increased education and awareness of best safety practices will have a profound and lasting impact on the world of safety.
With many QHSE/EHS related technologies being showcased, it is evident that the use of technology has become an essential component of maintaining a proactive safety culture that no organization should ignore. The right safety solution can make safety information more accessible, shareable, and actionable, while also making the process more transparent throughout the organization, from frontline workers up to management. With a workforce equipped with the software to access and share safety information, employees are engaged and actively participating in making the workplace safer.
Organizations can continuously evolve and improve upon safety processes by putting the innovation and power of iTrak in the hands of those on the ground. In the future, all organizations will have to adopt and integrate health and safety software solutions such as iTrak, as equipping and empowering mobile workforces with the tools to identify and report hazards is the most efficient way to maintain an engaged workforce and a proactive work culture focused on safety.

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