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ALL SESSIONS Wednesdays @ 2pm (Mountain Time)

September 16 – Forms Part 1

Join our 4-part introductory series about Forms/Process Flow creation in ITRAK/D365.

If you’ve never built a form in Dynamics before, this will be a great orientation exercise to get you started! Each session will be just 15 mins long and will cover all the basic setup requirements. You can even follow along! These sessions are suitable for people with a medium-level of technical aptitude or for people who are just interested in getting more insight into the ITRAK product.


  • Introduction to Dynamics tables
  • Creation of the Form Type shell

Watch Part 1 now

September 23 – Form Part 2

Continuing our 4-part series we will build upon the Form Type shell started in Part 1 with additional components that are common to almost all forms.


  • Creating Sections
  • Adding Fields

September 30 – Forms Part 3

Continuing with our 4-part series we will now add onto the sections built in the Form already in Parts 1 & 2.


  • Adding an Inspection


October 7 – Forms Part 4

Completing our 4-part series we will now add some final components to the Form and set us up for future multi-part webinars.


  • Complex Controls introduction

We’ll be looking to do more advanced webinars on similar topics like Risk controls, Injury controls, and others real soon. Stay tuned…

We have a standing Covid-19 Community Edition webinar every MONDAY at 2pm (Mountain Time)!

Past Webinar Recordings:

02/21/20 – Upcoming Microsoft Unified Interface (UCI) Changes and ITRAK impacts (Tom M)

03/11/20 – Power BI: Configuration & Navigation (Kassem E)

03/13/20 – User Management Basics (Nigel N)

03/18/20 – New Helpful ITRAK Forms for Dealing with the Associated Workload of the Pandemic (Covid-19) (Kassem E)

04/08/20 – Document Library Creation & Uploading Docs (Tom M)

04/15/20 – Covid-19 Environment and Process Flows Demo (Tom M)

04/22/20 – ITRAK 101 – Mobile Navigation (Kassem E)

04/22/20 – ITRAK 101 – Portal Navigation (Kassem E)

04/29/20 – Power BI: Data Manipulation (Kassem E)

05/28/20 – ITRAK Procedures & Competencies (Diane F) – from the ITRAK Conference

06/10/20 – New Microsoft Licensing (Darren H)

06/17/20 – ITRAK Hidden (Or Lesser Known) Features (Tom M)

06/24/20 – How to use Microsoft Teams (Tom M)

07/08/20 – Running ITRAK 365 in TEAMs (Diane F)

07/29/20 – Latest Changes in Microsoft Licensing (Darren H)

08/12/20 – Risk Management in ITRAK 365 (Michelle B & Kassem E)

08/26/20 – ITRAK 365 in Dynamics 365 (Forms) (Tom M)

09/16/20 – ITRAK Forms Building 101 – Part 1 of 4 (Tom & Kassem)

09/23/20 – ITRAK Forms Building 101 – Part 2 of 4 (Tom & Kassem) – coming soon..

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