SmartSite Releases Cloud Based Software to Manage Safety at Construction Sites

Software startup SmartSite has recently released hardware and cloud based health and safety software to help manage QHSE processes at constructions sites, using sensors to track employee exposure to health and safety hazards.
Designed to reduce site safety risks, the hardware/software combination will monitor air particles, hazardous substances, noise and vibration levels, and exposure to UV rays to ensure construction workers are working safely and aren’t being exposedto harmful conditions.
While using sensors to monitor workers and equipment isn’t exactly a new approach, collecting and communicating this information in real-time provides organizations with the insight to be generative in their approach to safety. SmartSite aims to use the software to help mitigate safety risks without disrupting workflow at construction sites. They achieve this by removing the need for on-site inspectors, which can be expensive and time consuming. The use of mobile devices and software such as SmartSite in health and safety processes increases efficiency, accuracy and improves the ease with which information is communicated, allowing workers to collect, share, and report safety data in real-time, all without stopping workflow.
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is ensuring transparency when sharing safety data across worksites, and from frontline workers to upper management. With the use of mobile safety solutions such as Smartsite and iTrak, organizations can deploy QHSE/EHS software across their workforce, making digitized data more accessible, shareable, and actionable, while making the whole process more transparent.
In the future, as we see technology continue to redefine safety processes, all organizations will have to incorporate new technologies into their health and safety processes. Using QHSE software and safety solutions will ensure that all safety processes are running efficiently and effectively, and critical metrics for safety information are being communicated throughout organizations.
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