Microsoft Cloud Is Picking Up Steam

During the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced the opening of their new Azure datacenters in Toronto and Quebec, making their Dynamics CRM Online available through the Microsoft Cloud in Canada. The two data centers are set to come online next year, supporting Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM online. With the availability of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online and other cloud services continuously expanding into new markets, this recent announcement speaks to Microsoft’s growing commitment to expand their cloud technology, not just inCanada but globally.
It is evident that Microsoft is fashioning its own cloud ecosystem around their traditional software and tech giants. They are achieving this through their monumental investments in building tools and technologies such as the new data centers, and the continuous announcement of partnerships and acquisitions of companies such as LinkedIn. Other recently announced partnerships include GE, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and dairy giant Land O’ Lakes. GE’s Internet of Things Predix software platform will move over to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and Boeing and its subsidiaries will also move their cloud based version of their aviation analytics applications to the Azure cloud platform. Rolls Royce will use Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to analyze data from its products to improve their performance.
Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform will enable these companies to analyze and share data from their machines using Microsoft applications. Microsoft has also recently announced that they will offer the high-end version of its Windows 10 software to small businesses through a cloud based subscription service. These partnerships are emblematic of Microsoft’s future and their commitment to the cloud, as they continue to help companies shift across to the cloud. We are seeing this shift become a trend, as 85% of Fortune 500 companies are now using the Microsoft cloud, and there are 120,000 new Azure customer subscriptions per month.
With their heavy investment in cloud infrastructure and a host of new partners, Microsoft has been very clear about their commitment to the cloud. As their new “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy comes into focus, it seems that Microsoft is a company in the midst of a massive transition from traditional software to an infrastructure based entirely in the cloud. Their end game seems to be providing an infrastructure through which companies and employees are connected through the cloud across every device, and have all of their software available anywhere and at any time through the cloud.
As a Microsoft partner that uses the power and mobility of Microsoft Cloud with iTrak ISV Quality, Health, Safety and Environment solution, we are excited about Microsoft’s future and the opportunities presented by their commitment to cloud infrastructure.