Is your existing QHSE/EHS System meeting the needs of your dynamic business?

Is your existing QHSE:EHS System

If you work in an organization where safety and compliance plays a big role, you already understand the importance of having the right tools in place to standardize Quality, Health Safety Environment/ Environment, Health and Safety (QHSE/EHS) processes. With an increase in safety and environmental regulations, many organizations are turning to technology to help manage the growing complexity of QHSE compliance. Many companies are seeing their investments into QHSE management software significantly pay off and it’s giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

So how does your QHSE system stack up? Is it meeting the needs of your business? Every organization wants to minimize operational risk and costs and maintain a positive public reputation, consequently increasing visibility into existing QHSE gaps and implementing best practices is vital. Yet, there are many companies out there that are still using paper records to store QHSE data and others who are using clunky in-house resources to store data digitally.

So how does a business know when it’s time to transition to a robust electronic safety platform? Here are a few signs that may it may be time to make that investment:
  • Your company has a history of costly QHSE workplace incidents such as high premiums, OHS fines and penalties due to non-compliances
  • Your company is not meeting the documentation aspect of the general duty clause of due-diligence for work place safety from a legal standpoint
  • There have been interruptions in production due to safety incidents or stop work orders, which have affected annual revenues
  • Your company is unable to bid on proposals due to client safety pre-qualification requirements
  • Your current QHSE processes are tedious and time-consuming that may include paper records, missing or lost documents, lengthy close out time frames due to review and sign off procedures
  • There is a lack of standardization and consistency of QHSE processes and poor accountability systems for HSE responsibility for employees and supervision
  • There is a lack of centralized data collection and no existing tools to measure QHSE performance in order to make data-backed decision
  • There is minimal mobile technology, resulting in communication challenges for the remote field workforce

If your organization can relate to any of the above points, then it’s time to examine the existing gaps and dig a little deeper to help you find the right solution. We encourage you to take the QHSE systems questionnaire and start identifying existing pain points and opportunities. 

This questionnaire can also function as a preliminary tool to build a business case for a new system. Our hope with this questionnaire is that organizations can begin to identify the existing gaps in their QHSE systems and look for scalable software solutions that can integrate with their existing technology. Equipped with the right technology, your organization will be able to build and maintain strong Quality, Health, Safety Environmental measures.

Click here to download the QHSE Questionnaire.