Improving QHSE On Construction Sites With Virtual RealityTechnology

Researchers at the Institute for Computation in Engineering at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum are using virtual reality technology to create interactive training programs and improve QHSE practices on construction sites. Through this technology, workers can be trained, experience work site accidents and explore simulated work site environments with equipment noise and weather conditions. The researchers are studying the behavior and testing the workers reactions to these simulated job site accidents. The researchers hope to understand the behaviour and reactions of the workers, why the accidents happen, what preventative measures can be taken, and the role that workers play in improving safety on construction sites.
In the future, as we see technology continue to redefine safety processes, all organizations will have to incorporate new technologies into their health and safety processes. We are already seeing workplaces adopt new and innovative technologies, including VR technology to manage and improve safety processes. With VR capabilities, these technologies can help train workers in a more engaging way, and give safety directors the ability to analyze worksite safety hazards and communicate them to project managers.
We hope to see mass adoption of safety technologies across the construction industry, with a combination of innovative technologies like virtual reality and QHSE/EHS software. With the detailed logic and technical capabilities to streamline safety processes across the spectrum of connected devices, iTrak allows organizations to manage every facet of their quality and safety processes, from hazard identification, performing inspections, workflows, and audits. Combining QHSE/EHS processes with the powerful training capabilities of VR will give additional opportunities to ensure compliance with safety standards, and most importantly stay safe.
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