Cloud Platform Education Ep. #1

The Cloud Platform Education Series talks about embedding safety into everyday workflows & tools and how businesses can benefit from using a platform approach to command an accelerated safety culture and company-wide adoption. More and more companies everyday are starting to realize the benefits of fully integrated software platforms that connect all their business systems. Whether that is with team collaboration tools, data visualization tools, business process automation or field data capture, having a company’s software assets perform seamlessly together has made its mark within the EHS Software Industry. That’s why we decided to bring in some experts and insiders to show what they see and how it is changing the way companies operate.

Episode #1How the Microsoft Platform is Changing the Environmental, Health & Safety Software Industry”

This episode will help you understand the different platforms in the market today, what an integrated model entails and provide a deeper look into some of the major players in the space, including Microsoft’s Power Platform and ITRAK 365. You will hear from ITRAK 365’s Managing Director, Trevor Nimegeers & a technology industry marketing executive, Vinay Nair on topics like:

  • The challenge of legacy EHS software, paper processes and disconnected systems
  • The importance of the Microsoft Cloud in EHS
  • How are Cloud Platforms leveling the EHS playing field?
  • What are the differences between EHS Cloud Platforms and legacy vendor offerings?
  • The mid-market opportunity for emerging EHS Platform Players
  • How new approaches are changing the way front-line field workers operate?
  • How is the competitive landscape shifting in the EHS software space?
  • What future opportunities exist with Cloud Platform approaches?
  • How has the EHS market expanded during COVID-19?
  • Event Announcement: Verdantix and Microsoft experts comment on the value of Platforms and Industry Focused Solutions
  • EHS growth and the emerging opportunity with ESG

Guest Speakers

  Trevor Nimegeers, Managing Director at ITRAK365 – a leading provider of EHS software, will speak about how his customers have leveraged ITRAK365’s EHS solution to drive much better workforce engagement and participation by leveraging the Power Platform and ITRAK 365’s leading EHS management solution.

 Vinay Nair is a technology industry marketing executive leader and currently a fractional CMO for a number of high growth SaaS startups and scaleups and a growth coach for Communitech, a leading tech economic development association based out of Waterloo, Canada. Previously, Vinay had 20 years’ experience in a variety of GTM leadership positions including marketing for Microsoft Canada’s Dynamics organization and was a Senior Vice President of EHS software leader Intelex Technologies which has given him unique perspective on both the Microsoft ecosystem and the EHS Software industry.