Agricultural Safety Week Aims to Improve Safety Initiatives on Farms

This week (March 12 to 18) is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, the annual awareness and education campaign targeting safety in agriculture. With a focus on improving safety initiatives on farms, the campaign is encouraging adults in the the agriculture industry to lead by example, communicate and demonstrate proper safety procedures, and develop safety plans that are personalized for their operations.
Another goal of the campaign is to generate discussions involving everyone who has a stake in farm safety, from farm workers to consumers of agriculture products. The campaign aims to encourage awareness about the importance of farm safety, and make people think about their individual roles in farm safety.
A new initiative for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is the AgSafe Ribbon, which they have been distributing to raise awareness about farm safety amongst the agricultural community. They believe that wearing the ribbon shows support for farm safety and “serves as a reminder that everyone plays a role in ensuring safety is practiced on a farm”.
Farm safety is a critical point of concern for agricultural producers, and engaging in continuous discussion and learning is a core and essential part of developing a strong safety culture. Hopefully, with enough awareness and education, farm owners and managers will begin leading the way to establishing strong safety cultures in the agricultural industry. Although the Canadian Agricultural Safety Week only lasts for a week, workplace safety should be a priority year-round.
With a firm belief in making workplace safety a part of their lifestyle, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Week shows that Canada’s agriculture industry is committed to advancing and innovating safety performance. Soon, we hope to see this industry begin to adopt QHSE/EHS software solutions to redefine and manage health and safety processes. With the detailed logic and technical capabilities to streamline safety processes across the spectrum of connected devices, iTrak allows organizations to manage every facet of their quality and safety processes, from hazard identification, performing inspections, workflows, and audits. Combining QHSE/EHS processes with the power of mobile tablets and smartphones provides additional opportunities to encourage broad use, ensure compliance, and most importantly stay safe.
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