4 Tips to Build a Winning Business Case for QHSE Software

Prepared by
The ITRAK 365 Team:

Today’s QHSE business leaders are faced with doing more with less and often find difficulty in securing the necessary funding to push QHSE software initiatives forward. When advocating for a deeper corporate investment into improving Quality, Health, Safety & Environment technology, QHSE leaders are most successful when presenting stakeholders with a compelling, persuasive and data-driven business case that demonstrates how the solution aligns with organizational objectives and how it can improve the bottom line. This article can assist QHSE professionals to craft a compelling business case and aid in justifying the investment into new QHSE technology.

Tip #1: Overcome the Pit-falls of just Another Digital Transformation Project

Digital transformation is a hot topic, as businesses scramble to keep up with new technology, business leaders are getting presented with countless
technology transformation projects, many of which never end up going anywhere. For a successful proposal to implement new QHSE technology, you need to be able show that your business case is not just some pie-in-the-sky idea for digital transformation, but something that can add tangible value to the organization.

Here we outlined some points to consider when framing your business case for QHSE software: